Yamaha Tracer 700
The Tracer 700 is an accessible and affordable Sport Tourer that is built to take you on an exciting new journey every day. Maybe you're heading out for a quick back road blast after work - or preparing to take a long-distance tour.

Yamaha MT-07
The MT-07 is a new kind of motorcycle that is designed to bring fun, affordability and enjoyment back to the street. And just about everything about this versatile new naked bike - from its deep torque through to the agile chassis and outstanding economy.


Yamaha Tracer 900
The Tracer 900 has been designed and built by like-minded people at Yamaha who are on the same wavelength as you. Driven by our latest generation, 3-cylinder crossplane engine, this agile Sport Tourer delivers thrilling performance together with ability to discover new places and new faces.



Yamaha MT-09
Yamaha MT-09 is a whole new concept in sport bike design. With a compact new chassis and high-torque 3-cylinder engine, this new generation performance machine is designed for riders who appreciate character and soul.


Yamaha XT660Z Ténéré
Prepare for adventure with the XT-660Z Ténéré a rugged, functional and stylish dual-purpose bike. This adventure machine earned its legendary status in some of the toughest races on the planet.

Supertenere XT1200ZE
The latest XT1200ZE Super Ténéré is built to satisfy your desire to see what lies beyond the horizon. Inside every one of us there is a spirit of adventure that's just waiting to be set free. (extra charge 150€)


Yamaha FJR1300AE
With electronically-adjustable suspension and upside-down forks, the FJR1300AE offers a superior ride. Its new 6-speed transmission gives faster acceleration and more relaxed high speed cruising - and the latest A&S clutch ensures smoother downshifting. (extra charge 200€)


No other motorcycle is such an uncompromising embodiment of freedom and adventure, reliability and riding dynamics, and ultimately pure riding pleasure both on and off the road. (extra charge 150€)


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