Daytour with Benjamin Curtis

I just thought that I would write to you and thank you for a truly fantastic days biking in the mountains.
Not one for being able to sit on the beach all day you may thing that Malaga probably wasn’t the best choice of destination for my week away, however your guided motorcycle tour through the mountains means that you couldn’t be more wrong. I left my travel buddies to lounge in the sand early morning as I headed off for a days motorcycling and for what turned out to be one of the best days of my trip to Spain.
The areas in which we rode had some most breathtaking scenery I have ever had the pleasure too enjoy, and to have your knowledge of the history and the area was an enormous benefit.
I massively enjoyed some of the quicker sweeping roads, particularly as I was able to benefit from you lead, equally enjoyable were the more sedate twisty sections of the ride. I didn’t tell you this as the time as I was riding one of your bikes and didn’t think it appropriate, but the scenery had me so distracted at one point I almost missed a bend!!!!!!! Maybe you could included this as a safety measure in your briefings prior to setting off for the trip “Caution Amazing Views”.

All that remains is for me to thank you again for a brilliant day and to thank you and the rest of the group for translating everything into English for me, being the only English man in a group of Dutch riders was made the day all the more entertaining. Who knows you may have even inspired me to start my language course again!!!!

Anyway thanks again and as discussed on many occasions throughout the day, I still think you have one of the best jobs in the world!!!!

Ride safe and keep it rubber side down.

Benjamin Curtis


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