Rondatour with Stefan

My day tour began on a beautiful Andalucian morning. I left my fellow vacationers at our rental and arrived at the office around 10 o'clock. Within 15 minutes Jac set me up with gloves and a helmet and we were off. After a short (20 minutes) ride through Torremolinos, the traffic cleared up as we entered the mountains. The roads got curvy and Jac gradually stepped up the pace as we warmed up for the day. I had not ridden in nearly a year and a half, but Jac knew this and did an excellent job of easing me back into the saddle. After a little while, we stopped for coffee in a small village.

Another advantage of hiring Jac was his excellent knowledge of the local cafes and restaurants. Whether it was a local tapas place away from the tourist throng in Ronda, or a small cafe in a village, the food and drink were always reasonably priced and tasted great. Leaving the cafe and continuing on the Ronda, I realized that the biggest challenge of the day was going to be how to look at the road and the amazing scenery at the same time! The route we took offered some of the best mountain vistas I have ever seen. White villages stand in contrast with the colors of olive groves and golden fields. Definitely a sight that pictures cannot do justice. Competing for your eyes' attention was the route itself. One could easily just let the scenery blur buy and get lost in the rhythm of the road. Once we arrived in Ronda, Jac again impressed me with his knowledge of local history. We strolled the streets and bridges of Ronda and took lunch in a local tapas place where the food was again outstanding. Ronda is a beautiful town. One could easily spend an entire day soaking up the history and atmosphere that lies around every corner.

As the sun crept toward the horizon, we hit the road for home and my eyes were again torn between the road and the surrounding countryside. Had I been riding solo this may have posed a problem, but I was again able to put my trust in Jac, and we made it home just after the sun had set. I stayed in Spain for a total of ten days. The local people were always friendly and helpful, the nights were always worth writing home about, and the days were all as relaxed as I wanted them to be. The highlight of my entire vacation, however, was my ride to Ronda. If you ride, this trip is a must. Thanks, Jac!!

Stefan Smith


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