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The GPS specialist in southern Spain.
Travelmoto has done its best with the knowledge and experience over the years we have acquired during our guided tours through the beautiful region of Andalucia, Castilla la Mancha and Portugal and put them into our GPS motor bike trails

We can imagine that there are motorcyclists who like to have the freedom to explore southern Spain and Portugal on their own or with their friends. To complete our tour package we organize this so called selfguided Fly and Drive motor bike tours.

In total we developed 10 GPS motorbike tours with each will show you the beauty of our region Andalusie in Spain, Extramedura and also Portugal.

Not one for being able to sit on the beach all day you may thing that Malaga probably wasn’t the best choice of destination for my week away, however your guided motorcycle tour through the mountains means that you couldn’t be more wrong.

Benjamin Curtis

GPS Rondatour

The Rondatour is special mend to make a flexible short self guided motorbike holiday trip in this beautiful area of Andalusia. Together we make a programme that will comply with yours request.

GPS Cazorlatour

The GPS Cazorlatour introduce you to the many natural parks and mountains to the southeast of Andalusia. Beautiful parks such as: Montes de Malaga, Sierra la Pandera, Cazorla Park, Sierra de Baza, Sierra Nevada with its beautiful south side the Alpujarra.

GPS Andaluztour

The GPS Andaluztour our self guided motorcycletour is the most favourite motorbike tour in our programme. In this programme there are 5 daytrips that will give you a very good impression of what Andalusia has to offer.

GPS Cordobatour

GPS Córdobatour is a self guided motorbike tour where you will drive 5 days in the nature, history and culture of Andalusia with as high light a visit to Córdoba and its famous mosque (Mezquita)

GPS Don Quijotetour

The GPS Don Quijotetour is one of our most favourite round tours in our program. Trough Andujar you will leave Andalusia and enter the region Castilla la mancha where the windmills of Don Quixote standing.

GPS Don Toledotour

The GPS Toledotour is a peaceful culture / nature tour through the south of Spain with the aim of visiting the city of Toledo located in the region of Castilla la Mancha.

GPS Hispaniatour

The Iberian Peninsula was ruled by the Romans called their Hispania . During that time, the Romans brought all their construction knowledge to the current Spain where major monuments were built , some of which to this day still be admired today ..

GPS Pantanotour

The GPS Pantanotour (reservoirs tour) is a tour where we connect the reservoirs in the south of Spain with each other. This way you will be introduced to unfamiliar roads and sites that will pick your motor heart.

GPS Experiencetour

The GPS Experiencetour is mainly a tour that everything has in it that Andalusia has to offer to experience this region on a motor bike. This tour, a series of different mountian ranges will make you feel that this region in Europe is indeed a paradis for the motor biker.

GPS Portugaltour

The GPS Portugaltour is a self guided motorbike tour that will leads you through the regions of Andalusia, Extramedura and Portugal. Every day an other region and with its varied scenery this tour is a real bikers tour.

Prices 2017
GPS Rondatour:
(3 riding days/5 days vacation)
GPS Cazorlatour:
(4 riding days/6 days vacation)
GPS Andaluztour:
(5 riding days/7 days vacation)
GPS Cordobatour:
(5 riding days/7 days vacation)
GPS Don Quijotetour
(5 riding days/7 days vacaction
GPS Toledotour:
(5 riding days/7 days vacation)
GPS Hispaniatour:
(5 riding days/7 days vacation)
GPS Pantanotour:
(5 riding days/7 days vacation)
GPS Experiencetour:
(5 riding days/7 days vacation)
GPS Portugaltour:
(6 riding days/8 days vacation)

The price includes:
• Transport to and from the airport to your hotel
• Choises of bikes: Yamaha Tracer 700 and 900 MT-09 and MT-07 or our XT660Z Tenere
• Your stay at the hotel is based on a double room with breakfast.
• Nav system TomTom.
• 24 hours assistance.

With extra charge you also can choose the Yamaha FJR1300 our Super Tenere XT1200Z and the BMW R1200GS.

With our GPS motorbike tours you have total freedom to plan them whenever you want and most tours can be driven throughout most of the year.

PLEASE NOTE: the price of the flight tickets has not been incorporated in this price; the experience learns that when you yourself regulate these tickets you can use the many offers which offer the fly companies.

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